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Thank you for visiting our page. We hope you enjoy your visit. We like the title at the top because it shows we are always bouncing ideas around to make things better in school.

All the classes from Year 2 upwards vote to pick a boy and a girl to join the School Council. We choose a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer to organise the meetings and we meet regularly. Our classes think of ideas to discuss and we add them to the agenda together with topics which Mr Viret, the staff and the children in the school want us to talk about. After the meetings we tell our classes what happened and any decisions we made. We also ask them to talk about what we have told them and we report this back to the next School Council meeting. In assembly we discuss what has happened at our meeting. We put the minutes on the School Council notice board in the main corridor for everybody to read.

We really enjoy being School Councillors because it helps us

  • learn to take part in discussions
  • become better listeners
  • help solve problems
  • make the school better
  • become more confident